5 Sneaky Tips to Stay in Shape this Winter and Holiday Season


As mammals, we tend to put on a few extra pounds throughout the winter.  Not even counting the scrumptious holiday feasts, the cold weather slows down your metabolism by slowing down body functions in an effort to keep your core temperature up.

There are a number of things you can do to remain in shape, however.

1..  Exercise. I know it goes without saying, but how many of us skip more than a few         workouts when the weather is too nasty for that morning jog?  Or the amount of parties, travel and get-togethers seems to leave us without time for a daily workout?  Even if you only have 10 minutes, you can get your heart rate up, and studies show 10 to 20 minute boosts of exercise result in temporary mood improvement and anxiety reduction. When you only have a few minutes at a time, choose exercises that involve as many muscle groups as possible.  Shadow box between answering emails at the office.  Do lunges or squats while on phone calls.  Park farther away and jog through the parking lot.  There are many ways you can sneak in bits of exercise throughout busy days, so get creative!  If you’re worried about feeling self-conscious, let your motivation be thoughts of how much more self-conscious you will feel when that muffin top or beer gut start showing!  And whenever possible- take the stairs.

holiday boxing

2.  Limit alcohol drinks. They are filled with many empty calories. It’s easy to forget that you can drink as many calories as you can eat.  In fact, many drinks have as many calories as a full meal!  Eat first- if you imbibe on an empty stomach, the alcohol will enter your bloodstream more quickly, resulting in high blood sugar and metabolized in stored fat. Drink water (mineral or regular) after every cocktail, and set your limits beforehand.

3.  Holiday feasts and parties are loaded with temptations, and there is nothing wrong with indulging. There is no reason why you can’t enjoy the delicious offerings, just do so in moderation.  Drink plenty of water before meals to help you not eat as much and help the body’s digestion.  Many times we eat because when we are actually dehydrated.  Take smaller helpings of high calorie items at buffet style gatherings, and you can split dessert with a friend at a restaurant.  You CAN have your cake and eat it too!

4.  Rest.  Winter and the holidays can be a very stressful time of the year for many people.  Be sure to take some time for yourself, even if it’s for just five minutes at a time.  You can meditate, enjoy a favorite hobby, and even just relax and focus on your breathing for a moment.  Relaxing helps bring down your blood pressure and calm the production of cortisol- which is caused by stress and helps the body store belly fat.

5.  Brush your teeth after every meal. Right after enjoying a meal, go straight to the bathroom to brush, floss, and mouthwash so that your mouth is feeling nice and clean – this makes it less appealing to eat more (especially before bedtime).  Have you ever tried to eat or drink something after brushing your teeth? Not tasty!

The holidays are about celebration and indulgence, which are essential elements of a healthy lifestyle.  Loads of sugar will pack on the pounds, but on the other hand, depriving yourself is not healthy, either. Enjoying festivities responsibly and keeping active during cold months will allow you to reap the results both mentally and physically.

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Sting in the Ring Update!!!


Update to yesterdays posting for the Sting in the Ring.  The address and phone number were wrong- please note the corrections below


Sting in the Ring

Saturday May 31, 2014

3 pm

3800 S. Othello St. Seattle, WA 98118 in the Union Gospel Mission Building

(206) 930-7018

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Sting in the Ring May 31 2014



Sting in the Ring! Saturday May 31, 2014

3 PM

3800 S. Othello St. Seattle, WA 98118 in the Union Gospel Mission Building

(206) 930-7018



1. Alex Delecerda, 65lbs with Azteca                  vs    Issac Colman 67 lbs with Tacoma

2. Jackie Luna, 130lbs with Yakima                   vs      Valeria Cuevas, 132 lbs Tacoma

3. Hugo Salinas, 123lbs with Azteca                   vs     Nester Hernandez, 120 lbs with Seamar

4. Whysee Williams, 135lbs with Marios           vs    Charles Rostro, 132lbs with Doc Barron

5. Kenhra Martinez,130lbs with Bumblebee     vs    Anahi                      132 with Tcpal

6. Juan Gomez, 131 lbs with Yakima                  vs    Juan Huerta, 135 lbs with Tcpal

7. Michael Aragon, 132 lbs with Tacoma           vs    Jose Arterga, 130 with Tinochitlan

8. Jose Cerbanes, 152 lbs with Azteca                vs    Noel Latino 152 Arcaro

9. Ben Siguta, 130 lbs with Bumblebee              vs    Gustavo Lizama 125 lbs with Tenochitlan

10. Kevin Torres, 152 lbs with Tacoma              vs      Zakaih Huges, 154 lbs with Bumblebee

11. Luis Monzono, 123 lbs with Azteca              vs    Oscar Islas, 128 with Seamar

12. Davion Martinez, 165 with Williver             vs     David Shchedrin with Bumblebee

13. Zecharariah Sandoval, 195 with Sandoval  vs    Kevin Roberson,195 lbs with Seattle Boxing

14. Mike Dean, 195 lbs with Mario                     vs     Richard Druliner     lbs with Seattle Boxing

15. Pat Ferguson, 201 lbs                                      vs     Calvin Taylor, 190 lbs with Mario

16. Matt Magwe, 165 lbs                                       vs     Shatain Wilson, 176 lbs with

17. John Beebe                 with Tcpal                   vs                     Powell,   lbs with

18. Alfonso Garcia, hvy unattached, Romo      vs     Jimmy Moore, hvy Masters

19. Mike Kirkman Spr Hvy                                  vs      Matt Mollet Spr Hvy with Romo

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Shadow Box the Right Way!


So, what is shadow boxing, how do we do it and how can we maximize the benefits that shadow boxing provides?  In this post I am going to answer these questions and put you on the path to shadow boxing perfection!


Shadow Boxing – In the Mind

Shadow boxing is a fundamental part of a fighter’s life.  When shadow boxing you should incorporate rhythm, fluidity, speed, relaxed power and wonderful footwork.

Since the beginning of boxing (the time of ancient Greeks), boxers have added shadow boxing to their training regime.  In brief, shadow boxing is boxing without a physical opponent present.  Shadow boxing empowers you to try out many of the skills of boxing before using those skills on a heavy bag or of course a live opponent.  In fact, one could argue that shadow boxing is as much a workout for the brain as a workout the body.

Shadow boxing trains the mind while enabling free thinking, and allows the creation and execution of any scenario possible.  In fact, the strength and effectiveness of shadow boxing is based upon the absence of a physical opponent.

‘Shadow Boxing’ (noun) The process by which a boxer uses visualization to develop and enhance boxing skills.

While boxing drills rely on systematic, methodical repetition, shadow boxing relies on flow, speed and ‘thinking on your feet’.  Shadow boxing is about putting yourself in the combat situation and planning the necessary tactics needed to defeat a particular type of opponent.  You visualize the way things need to be done.

Shadow Boxing and Boxing Training

Shadow boxing is generally undertaken towards the start of the session, after the warm-up but before the ‘heavier impacts’ of sparring, punch pads or heavy bag work.  Having said this, all boxers should occupy any spare moments with a burst of shadow boxing.

Some people consider shadow boxing to be part of a warm-up, but I absolutely do not. Shadow boxing is a very important aspect of training in it’s own right and should not be sacrificed for the more ‘exciting’ impact work.

My own approach with shadow boxing is to apply a round-based structure just as I would with any other boxing training elements.  So, when shadow boxing we work within the round/rest period structure and we don’t just mindlessly go through the motions in order to pass the time.  So, with this in mind here are my 7 steps to help you breathe life into your shadow boxing sessions.

7 Steps to Successful Shadow Boxing

Some key points of successful shadow boxing as part of your boxing training session:

  1. When shadow boxing, your emphasis should be on movement.  Free-flowing, varied and slick bits of footwork and body movement.  Combine diagonal movement footwork with rolling, fire fast left hooks following on from the inside slip.  By all means use mirrors when shadow boxing as they are fantastically helpful (you see what an opponent would see), but don’t become a slave to the mirrors.  Whatever floor-space that you have during shadow boxing, make use of it.
  2. Visualize an opponent and place a target.  Since there is no physical opponent present when shadow boxing, your job is to put that physical opponent in there.  Don’t get sloppy, be sure to imagine your range in relation to the opponent and make sure that your imaginary opponent is a threat!  There is no use shadow boxing with an imaginary opponent who is no more dangerous than your average bunny rabbit!
  3. When shadow boxing, accelerate your shots onto a target, snapping back the head of the ‘opponent’.  By thinking about the speed and acceleration of your punch, then you will improve your punching speed and ultimately improve your punching power.  This is especially important when throwing hooks and uppercuts.
  4. Related to the previous point, when shadow boxing don’t allow your punches to go through the target before eventually finding their way back to the guard position. This is a terribly bad habit. Think about it, when your fist hits a solid object it does not continue to travel for 2 feet beyond that object.  Your fist pretty much stops and the force generated is passed into the object.  So let’s train for that situation of hitting the target.  If during shadow boxing you don’t ‘hit a target’, then you are effectively training to miss the target.
  5. To make improvements to your hand speed during shadow boxing, why not grab a 1lb or 2lb weight in each hand.  Use these weights for a round then dispense with them for the next round.  You should feel an instant improvement in hand speed.  Make this a regular part of your shadow boxing and these improvements in punching speed will be for the long term.
  6. ‘Theme’ your rounds of shadow boxing.  For example, in round 1, visualize an opponent who is looking to put a lot of pressure on you, constantly attacking with reckless abandon.  Use lots of side-steps, pivots and long range hooks and long range uppercuts to build an effective fighting retreat.  In the next round, turn the tables and you chase down your opponent.
  7. Watch other boxers, both on TV and You Tube and if you are at a gym the boxers there. Try to spot some of the skills that they use. Try to spot the subtle bits; pivots, hand-defenses and footwork, and look to use some of those for a round. Basically, mimic your favorite boxers.

One final point, don’t ever take shadow boxing for granted.  It is one of the finest aspects of a boxing training session.  Make the most of shadow boxing and really use it to become the boxer that you deserve to be.  Shadow boxing will never be as effective as sparring, but it should without question form a fundamental part of your boxing training session.

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Eat like a winner


Become a lean and fit fighter by adhering to the four main nutrition principles: eating frequency, nutrient timing, balance of macronutrients and total caloric intake. Keeping with this nutritional program will provide the energy necessary for intense training, and will also enhance your recovery time. You will be increasing your metabolism and encouraging the body to burn fat as it’s primary fuel source.


Eating Frequency

Eating five to eight times per day to will stabilize your blood sugar and keep your energy levels upped all day long. Eating frequently will keep your glycogen (glycogen is energy for the body, formed from broken down carbs) loaded and reloaded. This high eating frequency will start with breakfast and end with dinner. You may add recovery fuel prior to bedtime. This will assist in more rapid muscle repair and powers you up for the next day’s workout.

Nutrient Timing

If you train twice a day, consume a complex carbohydrate such as oatmeal or whole wheat toast before your morning workout, for a more productive training session. This will allow you to top off your glycogen stores to facilitate fat burning. During your workout, sip a sports drink to replace calories and electrolytes in order to prevent muscle cramping. Following your workout, consume a recovery fuel source containing mainly carbohydrates and some protein to reload those glycogen stores. This recovery fuel enables boxers to have productive training sessions day after day.



Carbs are going to be the mainstay of your nutrition plan. Your carbohydrate intake should be 50 to 65 percent of your total daily consumed calories. Fat will burn in the presence of carbs, and this high consumption is what helps keeps boxers extremely lean. Focus on complex carbohydrates (as opposed to simple sugars) such as whole-grain breads and pasta, brown rice, quinoa and sweet potatoes. You also want to consume fruit, which will provide antioxidants. Antioxidants are critical to your nutrition plan, as these will combat free radicals brought about during heavy training loads.

sweet potatoes and brown rice

Protein and Fat

Protein should total about 20 to 30 percent of your daily calories. The amino acids (building blocks of protein) in the protein sources assist in muscle repair. Consume lean protein sources such as chicken, fish, beef, egg whites and protein supplements. Your third macronutrient, dietary fat, should consist of 20 to 30 percent of your daily caloric intake. Consume dietary fat from sources such as nuts, nut butters and flax.

stirfry chicken and cashew nuts

Antioxidants and Total Calories

To combat free radical damage (free radicals are formed during times of stress, such as training) consume antioxidants from fruits, vegetables and multivitamins. Take a multivitamin each morning and consume fruit and vegetables with four to six of your meals and snacks. Your total daily caloric intake will be based on your weight goals. If you are looking to maintain your weight, determine your basal metabolic rate using a BMR calculator. If you have a BMR of 2,000 calories, consume 2,000 to 2,200 calories per day and add an additional 350 to 650 calories per hour of training.

fruits and veggies

2-a-Day Training Day

If you are training twice a day, here is an example of what your daily nutrition will look like:

Consume a liquid carbohydrate pre-training supplement consisting of 60 to 70 percent carbohydrates prior to your early morning workout. During your training session, sip on one to two bottles of fluid replacement drink. Immediately following your workout, consume recovery fuel consisting of 70 to 80 percent carbohydrate.

For breakfast, consume a whole-wheat bagel with peanut butter, a banana and six egg whites. For a mid-morning snack, eat an apple, a can of vegetable juice, almonds and a protein drink followed by a 12-inch turkey sub on whole-wheat bread with vegetables and cheese for lunch.

Prior to your afternoon workout, repeat the pre-training fuel from earlier followed by a post workout recovery supplement containing 70 to 80 percent carbohydrates. For dinner, consume a grilled chicken breast, whole-wheat pasta with sauce, vegetables and a salad. Consume a protein drink one hour before bed.

Here are a few more nutritional tips

  • Stay hydrated
  • Limit, or better yet stay away from alcohol and sodas
  • Look at the ingredients in everything you put in your body.  Chances are if you can’t pronounce it you shouldn’t put it in your body.
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Bumblebee Boxers taking a break with Radio Disney at the 2013 Pacific Northwest Youth Sports Show


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Ben Siguta


April’s boxer of the month is Ben Siguta. 20 year old Ben has been with Bumblebee Boxing for 6 months. With a record of 2 wins and 0 losses, Ben attributes his success to a deep, driving determination to be the best. Ben’s idol is Kostya Tszyu, a Russian-Australian professional boxer of mixed Russian, Korean and Mongol descent.

Ben strives to be a champion by focusing on fast technique. When he is not training, Ben enjoys running, volleyball and sauna sessions.

ben siguta

Congratulations Ben!

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USA Boxing reinstated


Dear Friends in Boxing,

I have just spoken with Mr. Ho Kim, Executive Director of AIBA. Mr. Kim has communicated with Dr. CK Wu over USA Boxing’s letter, sent by me earlier today, on the sanctions imposed against USA Boxing by AIBA yesterday.

Mr. Kim stated that both he and Dr. Wu are fully supportive of the athletes, coaches, and membership of USA Boxing, and we are pleased to report that all boxing activity, at all levels, is free to proceed.  We have also received confirmation from our insurance carrier that USA Boxing’s coverage remains in effect.

Notwithstanding Dr. Wu’s and Mr. Kim’s support of USA Boxing and its membership, AIBA and the USOC remain extremely concerned about USA Boxing’s governance.  The USA Boxing Board of Directors has previously agreed, in principle, to a governance restructure. As your president, I am fully committed to addressing our governance issues.  Dr. Wu and Mr. Kim have asked me to express their high regard for the membership of USA Boxing, and they also request the support of all members in the reorganization process that will make us a model for the world.  Now is the time for all members to rally and support organizational change for the betterment of Olympic style boxing.

It is obvious that the reputation of our members and the good they have done through the years is what will see USA Boxing through.  You have given your time to our athletes without prejudice. You have aided all who come through our doors. Boxing is good to go!!!

Yours in boxing,


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USA Boxing Events suspended until January 19, 2013


To: USA Boxing Board of Directors LBC Presidents,

LBC Vice Presidents LBC Registration Chairpersons, LBC Treasurers

From: AnthonyBartkowski,ExecutiveDirector

Date: October 24, 2012

Re: AIBA Suspension of USA Boxing Effective Immediately – October 19, 2012

CC: Mr. Steve Smith, Bryan-Cave HRO


USA Boxing just received notification from AIBA, the international federation for boxing, that all amateur boxing activities in the United States are immediately suspended. The suspension cancels all sanctioned competitions; coach and official clinics; boxing club activities; membership registrations; and insurance coverage.


USA Boxing and our insurance companies will not take any insurance claims until the AIBA suspension is remedied and/or served until January 19, 2013.


The AIBA Disciplinary Commission levied this suspension against the organization for inappropriate and improper statements made by Mr. Hal Adonis earlier this year.

The AIBA Disciplinary Commission Decision of October 19, 2012 states:

“By failing to remove Mr. Adonis from the USA Boxing Board of Directors when it had the chance to do so, USA Boxing, in essence, endorsed Mr. Adonis’ statements and sent out a message that such behavior was acceptable. The action (or lack thereof) and the very serious and harmful nature of Mr. Adonis statements, has jeopardized boxing and the Panel finds it appropriate to impose a suspension upon USA Boxing. This suspension must reflect the severity of the offence.”

The AIBA suspension terms are:

1. USA Boxing shall be fully suspended for a period of 3 months from October 19, 2012

2. Mr. Adonis shall pay a fine of CHF 2,000 and be suspended from all boxing activities at national

and international levels, for 2 years starting from October 19, 2012.

3. The costs of the proceedings, fixed at CHF 1,500, shall be borne equally between USA Boxing

and Mr. Adonis.

4. The decision will be communicated to USA Boxing, Mr. Adonis (via Hollie L Wieland of Karp

Neu Hanlon Attorneys) and to the Headquarters of AIBA.


This is the initial notification. It is unclear if further conditions or demands will follow. We are waiting on further details from AIBA. Your President; Board of Directors; and Executive Director are working diligently to determine any further demands of this suspension and to see if USA Boxing can offer any remedies to shorten it. In the event that we are successful in shortening or lessening our penalties, USA Boxing will notify you immediately to let you know your sanctioned event can take place. Please assist in communicating this information to your constituents as soon as possible. We will continue to update you on the status of this suspension as necessary. In the meantime, USA Boxing and the Board of Directors are taking every measure available to ensure that amateur boxing is resumed as soon as possible.

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Evander Holyfield Changes Retirement Plans


Holyfield (44-10-2, 29 KO’s) had announced earlier in the week that he would be retiring on his 50th birthday, Friday. Earlier today, Holyfield decided he won’t be retiring and is sticking with his belief that he thinks he can beat Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko. Holyfield decided he wont be retiring after all, stating “This morning when I woke up, I thought about it [retirement] some more. Now I’m not going to retire. One can change his mind, can’t he? Boxing is what I do best. It’s what I know. I can beat them [the Klitschkos].”

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Evander Holyfield Officially Retiring


Former four time Heavyweight title belt holder Evander Holyfield announced he is giving up on trying to regain the belt, saying “I can’t make nobody fight.”

Holyfield will officially retire on his 50th birthday this Friday.



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Sting in the Ring October!


Mark your calendars! The next Sting in the Ring Boxing event has been announced!

Saturday, October 20
Fights start at 3pm

Bumblebee Boxing Club
3800 S Othello
Seattle, WA 98118

See you there!
Keep your hands up and your stinger sharp!

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Help Bumblebee Boxing reach its goal!


We have launched a fundraising campaign through indigogo.com.  Please take a moment and click on the link, and check out the campaign.  Thank you for so much for your support!

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Sting in the Ring July!!!


Boxing match
11 bouts so far

July 7, 2012

Fights start at 3pm

3800 S Othello St

Seattle WA 98118

Lots of food so bring your appetite!

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Bumblebee Boxing Club KIRO News Feb 12 2012


Bumblebee teaches boxers lessons in life.  Watch the video here

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“Quitting is not an option”


Challenges in the ring teach Bumblebee boxers lessons on life

An article by the Seattle PI

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