Sting in the Ring May 31 2014



Sting in the Ring! Saturday May 31, 2014

3 PM

3800 S. Othello St. Seattle, WA 98118 in the Union Gospel Mission Building

(206) 930-7018



1. Alex Delecerda, 65lbs with Azteca                  vs    Issac Colman 67 lbs with Tacoma

2. Jackie Luna, 130lbs with Yakima                   vs      Valeria Cuevas, 132 lbs Tacoma

3. Hugo Salinas, 123lbs with Azteca                   vs     Nester Hernandez, 120 lbs with Seamar

4. Whysee Williams, 135lbs with Marios           vs    Charles Rostro, 132lbs with Doc Barron

5. Kenhra Martinez,130lbs with Bumblebee     vs    Anahi                      132 with Tcpal

6. Juan Gomez, 131 lbs with Yakima                  vs    Juan Huerta, 135 lbs with Tcpal

7. Michael Aragon, 132 lbs with Tacoma           vs    Jose Arterga, 130 with Tinochitlan

8. Jose Cerbanes, 152 lbs with Azteca                vs    Noel Latino 152 Arcaro

9. Ben Siguta, 130 lbs with Bumblebee              vs    Gustavo Lizama 125 lbs with Tenochitlan

10. Kevin Torres, 152 lbs with Tacoma              vs      Zakaih Huges, 154 lbs with Bumblebee

11. Luis Monzono, 123 lbs with Azteca              vs    Oscar Islas, 128 with Seamar

12. Davion Martinez, 165 with Williver             vs     David Shchedrin with Bumblebee

13. Zecharariah Sandoval, 195 with Sandoval  vs    Kevin Roberson,195 lbs with Seattle Boxing

14. Mike Dean, 195 lbs with Mario                     vs     Richard Druliner     lbs with Seattle Boxing

15. Pat Ferguson, 201 lbs                                      vs     Calvin Taylor, 190 lbs with Mario

16. Matt Magwe, 165 lbs                                       vs     Shatain Wilson, 176 lbs with

17. John Beebe                 with Tcpal                   vs                     Powell,   lbs with

18. Alfonso Garcia, hvy unattached, Romo      vs     Jimmy Moore, hvy Masters

19. Mike Kirkman Spr Hvy                                  vs      Matt Mollet Spr Hvy with Romo

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