BumbleBee Boxing Club Mission Statement


Bumblebee Boxing Club embraces boxers of all cultures, provides structure, and discipline. All boxers are encouraged to be respectful, reach maximum potential, and be productive citizens in our community. Bumblebee Boxing Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching youth life skills through the art of boxing.  Our purpose is to provide a venue in which the values of discipline, responsibility and honor are upheld and stressed.  In developing these basic values one also achieves self esteem.  We believe these values to be necessary in meeting challenges and achieving one’s goals both in life and in the ring.  It is our belief that through boxing our youth can learn to:

  • Set Goals
  • Maintain Focus
  • Value Hard Work
  • Achieve Goals One Step at a Time


  • When you leave Bumblebee’s you will be a “Champion in Life”

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