The Fighters


BumbleBee gym has produced a variety of fighters both amateur and professional. We currently work with over 30 fighters who are each at different training levels, expertise, and age groups. Even though there is diversity within our fighters, we train as a team, support each other as a team, and respect each other as a team.

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    • Review by Alex L for Yelp
    • This gym is my old home.  Every since my youthful amateur days I have learned so much about hard work and respect.
      The gym is located inside Union Gospel Mission on MLK.  Inside it houses a no frills or gimmicks gym.  The punching bags and floor is old sweaty and been through many hard times and long days.  This gym has housed many professional champions, golden gloves amateurs, and olympians.

      All led by the legendary Coach Bee, he was a former professional fighter and student of the great Eddie Futch (trained Joe Frazier and Freddie Roach)  Over the 8+ years I have learned so much in life from Coach Bee, like my grandpa.  He is a stubborn, tough, wise, and very caring individual.  Plus over years I have met some greatest bonds during my lifetime, and built a family of fighters.

      The only gym in Seattle to have a complete respect and history, blood, sweat, and tears.

      Keep your hands up and your stingers sharp… bzzzz!

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